Clarification on Paying for Care

Getting the financing you merit is simpler than you might suspect. Before you begin applying for funding, make certain to go through the following steps we’ve put together to guide you.

Get the advantages you’re qualified for

These are the easiest approaches to maximize income. It is typically easy to apply for, and significantly more people are qualified than claim. This can assist you with bearing the cost of the care you need.

Check your qualification for NHS financing

NHS financing happens to to be the most difficult funding to get. Notwithstanding, if you qualify, you’re ready to get your full care costs covered – so it’s worth applying for.

To do this, talk with your GP – requesting a NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist. This is a quick screening test to see whether you’re suitable to be considered for a full assessment.

Access Local Authority Care Funding

Most people get their care funding from their local authority. Yet, this is ideal to look at after you’ve originally crossed out NHS funding. In fact, a reference from the NHS may better your chance of getting this care funding.

Funding care with assets

Local Authority funding is not your last hope of getting funding. You can also get funding through your liquid assets.