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9 Things You Need To Know About Dating in Korea

9 Things You Need To Know About Dating in Korea

Korea is destination for enthusiasts. Partners declare their love with matching ‘couple looks’, gents and ladies alike view romance-heavy K-dramas and breaks such as for example Valentine’s Day and White Day allow Koreans to commemorate their significant other. With that in mind, dating in Korea often adheres with a strict unwritten rules; here you will find the top things you should know.

1. Matching is cool

You will almost certainly laugh at couples in matching outfits when you first get to Korea. Fast-forward a couple of months, though, and it will turn into a relationship norm. Whether it’s couple T-shirts, few phone instances, matching head-to-toe togs, Koreans take design really. escort in Nashville So just why maybe not utilize it to demonstrate the global globe who your boo is?

2. You will need to place a band upon it

Exactly like Beyonce said, it, you gotta put a ring on it if you like. Korean partners wear matching rings as an indication to be in a committed relationship, also it’s usually utilized to mark either the point where a couple becomes ‘official’ or perhaps a couple’s anniversary that is 100th-day.

3. Hope you prefer wedding anniversaries!

Also it’s not only the mark that is 100-day can get to commemorate. Korean partners celebrate in 100-day increments counting through the day that is first of relationship – at 100 times, 200, 300, 500 and 1,000 days. Younger partners (usually teenagers) celebrate their 22nd day together.

4. Cute’s not merely when it comes to girls

From utilizing emoticons that are cute popular texting application KakaoTalk to getting inked with an armful of cartoon tattoos, men are simply as precious as girls in Korea.

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